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Piggy Fight

Piggy Fight Game


Play Piggy Fight

Piggy Fight is an addictive multiplayer fighting game. Check a pig with a variety in the most bloody fighting. There are three game modes available: campaign, online and hot-seat. Campaign mode is a game of a player where you play a series of missions while online lets you fight against other online players. He remembers that there is a large variety of weapons to use for each level of play.

Shoot the red and white targets but be careful not to fall off the platform. Try to shoot the targets as fast as you can otherwise you will also be fired. In online mode you have to act quickly and avoid enemy fire, causing the most damage possible. Try to survive longer. Have fun!

Campaign controls

Arrow keys or WASD to move
C to take or drop
Space bar to attack or throw

Player 1 controls (Hot-Seat mode)

Arrow keys to move
L to attack or throw
K to take or drop

Player 2 controls (Hot-Seat mode)

WASD to move
C to take or drop
Space bar to attack or throw

Author: Pais de los Juegos Friv