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Top Html5 Shooter Games

1. Warzone Mercenaries HTML5 Game

Warzone Mercenaries is a 3D shooter HTML5 game. The aim is to undertake various battles against opponents using a number of specialized troops. Each soldier has different abilities and choice of weapons. Choose your soldier class and start individual missions.

Each mission has a different range of targets and you have to eliminate all enemy soldiers. After completing each mission you can use the coins you have earned to upgrade the statistics and the weapons of your soldiers.



L to lock your mouse
WASD or arrow keys to move
Left click or space bar to shoot
Right click or shift to zoom
R to reload
E to enter or exit vehicle


2. Super Sergeant Shooter HTML5 Game

Super Sergeant Shooter is an HTML5 shooter game where you control the sergeant of a specialized unit. You are a sergeant in charge of infiltrating an enemy organization and you must use your ability to defeat all opponents. You are armed with a gun and a knife, but you can collect more weapons from your enemies.

You only have a limited amount of armor and if you waste too much ammo you will have to restart your mission. To increase survival, you can collect armor from enemies that you kill and collect health packages.



WASD to move
Number keys to change weapon
R to reload
Left click to shoot
Space bar to jump
Shift to spring
F to pick up item


3. Combat Strike 2 HTML5 Game

Combat Strike 2 is a multiplayer online HTML5 shooter game. Your goal in this action-packed game is simple, you'll have to choose weapons, a room, a team, and start shooting your enemies behind the buildings to win the mission. Be careful not to risk being hit.



WASD move

Mouse aim / shoot

1-2 choose gun

Shift sprint

C crouch

F take gun

T chat


All of these games have been developed in HTML5 version and can be played for free on our Friv website. Enjoy!