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Top 3 Angry Gran Run Series Games

In this article we would like to propose you the ranking of the 3 best racing games of the most popular Angry Gran Run series in South America ( Spanish Language ). All our friv games have a very realistic 3D graphics that are free and can be played free of charge on all the latest generation devices. The games we propose are:

1. Angry Gran Run Halloween Village

Angry Gran Run Halloween Village is the new racing game of the Angry Gran Run series. In this game, our grandmother is exploring a village full of scary decorations and Halloween themed objects.

Your goal is to control the big angry grandmother along the city streets avoiding the various scattered objects. Use the A and D keys to move left and right, use the left and right arrow keys to rotate the corners and use the up and down arrows to skip and scroll. Avoid the bats and slip under ghouls ghastly. Do not forget to buy new updates using coins. Can you get to the finish line?



Use up arrow to jump
Press down arrow to slide
Use AD button to move left or right
Use left and right arrow to turn



2. Angry Gran Run: Australia

Angry grandmother came back with her new adventure. This time, he thinks he can conquer Australia and lead the chaos in the streets and through a canyon. You have to run through an endless course while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles in your way.

Avoid the dog, a barbeque in the street and many other obstacles. In this version there is also an event where you can participate in collecting unique prizes. Can you help your grandmother in the big challenge on Australia's land?


Play Angry Gran Run Australia


Up arrow to jump
Down arrow to slide
Left and right arrow to turn
AD to move left or right



3. Angry Gran Run: London

The adventure of Gran Angry continues in London. Objection is more or less the same, run for the longest possible by avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. Avoid obstacles, such as black cabs and English flags.

Collect the coins to fill the multiplier gauge. The speed increases gradually, accurately monitors your grandmother in order to reach the finish line safely. You think you can?



AD to change lanes
Down arrow to slide
Up arrow to jump


Have Fun with Angry Gran Run!