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Play the best 4 Online Skill Games

1. Knife Hit 2

Knife Hit 2 is the second edition of the popular arcade game in which you need to throw a set number of knifes at a rotating target. Make sure that you do not hit a knife that you have already thrown otherwise it will bounce off and you will have to start all over again.

The rotating board will speed up, slow down and even change direction. This means that you must take extreme care when throwing the knife to make sure it sticks. There are cool boards to hit that change on every level and there are 16 different knife models also.


Play Knife Hit 2


Release Date

  • July 2018


  • A fun knife throwing game
  • A human on the rotating object that must not be hit
  • Collectible diamonds
  • 16 knife models to use
  • Boss levels


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)


  • Left click to throw a knife.





2. RCC Stunt Cars

RCC Stunt Cars allows you to take control in a crazy driving game in which you are able to jump behind the wheel of an RCC stunt car and perform crazy tricks. You can speed around a city with pedal to the metal whilst back flipping through the sky. There are plenty of ramps and loops for you to test your driving skills on.

You can enjoy yourself for as long as like as you race around the city, if you would like to switch it up a bit then change your vehicle with one of the awesome options available to you. For an even better experience, play with other online players.


Play RCC Stunt Cars


Release Date

  • July 2018


  • 3D multiplayer car stunt game
  • 9 cars to use, including a bus
  • Driving assistant options
  • Big outdoor area and city to explore


  • Web browser


  • Arrow keys to drive
  • Space bar to use handbrake
  • C to change camera





3. Punch Boxing Championship

Punch Boxing Championship is the immersive 3D boxing game in which you must lace up your gloves and box your way to the championship belt. You must prove that you can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. You will need to box like a champion and knock out your opponents to win each match.

There are three exciting game modes for you to play including: quick match, tournament and career mode. Plan your tactics based on your boxing style and dominate the ring. As you progress there are unlockable boxing characters to control all, with their own special traits that you can utilize.


Play Punch Boxing Championship


Release Date

  • July 2018


  • 3D professional boxing game
  • 3 game modes: quick mode, tournament, and career
  • Unlockable more boxers
  • Each boxer has a detailed strength


  • Punch Boxing Championship is a web browser game.


  • Q or A to do a cross punch
  • W or Z to do a right uppercut
  • Y to do a left uppercut
  • E to do a right hook
  • T to do a left hook
  • U to do a right overhand
  • I to do a left overhand
  • D to dodge punch
  • S to block punch





4. Rio Rex

Rio Rex is the rampaging arcade game in which you can run riot controlling a huge T-Rex! Run through the towns and settlements destroying everything in sight and causing havoc amongst the puney humans in your way. This time you are let loose in the beautiful Rio de Janiero but take a look back at the previous cities that have been destroyed at New York and Paris

It is time again to chew people, destroy cities and blow your horrifying fire breathe at everything in sight. Go cause mayhem and destruction because why not!


Play Rio Rex



  • Rio Rex was developed by GameTornado


  • Destruction game featuring a vicious T-Rex
  • The game takes place in different areas across Rio de Janeiro
  • 16 levels to play
  • The ability to blast a powerful fire breath
  • Hidden skulls to collect

This game is a web browser game. It is also available on Steam and Android.

AD or left/right arrow to move the T-Rex
W or up arrow to jump
Left click to chew
Hold left click to shoot fire breath