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Top 3 Skill Online Friv Games for Kids

1. Helix Jump 2

Helix Jump 2 is the fun arcade game in which you must help a falling ball navigate to the bottom of a helix maze. You have control of the rotation of the helix maze so rotate it to find gaps for the ball to fall through and eventually reach the bottom of the maze.

Avoid the darker colored spots on the ledges within the maze, if the ball hits that then it will be game over and you will have to restart the level all over again. The further you progress through each level the harder it will become as the maze will increase in complexity.


Play Helix Jump 2


Release Date
August 2018


  • Challenging gameplay
  • Smooth rotatable camera view
  • Cool tower design
  • Combo points for getting through multiple floors at once

Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Hold left mouse button to rotate the camera.





2. Let’s Kill Jeff The Killer – Jeff’s Revenge

Jeff’s Revenge is the fourth instalment of the Let’s Kill Jeff series. In this fun and exciting first person shooter you can either play as Jeff or as a soldier. If you choose to play as Jeff, you must try to eliminate the 8 soldiers who are trying to catch you and escape through a portal by locating 8 different gears. Alternatively, if you play as a soldier, you must locate your 7 companions, gather your weapons and hunt Jeff down!

This game uses classic FPS controls i.e. WASD keys to move and left/right click to aim and fire. Both game modes have a fun but creepy story that will keep you gripped – play through both perspectives and see what becomes of Jeff!


Play Let’s Kill Jeff The Killer – Jeff’s Revenge


Jeff's Revenge is made by Poison Games.


  • You can play both stories
  • Dark and creepy environments
  • Scattered weapons
  • Both characters have a flashlight to light the surrounding

This game is a web browser game. We also have the Android version.


  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Left click to fire
  • Right click to aim
  • Mouse wheel to change weapon
  • R to reload
  • G to throw grenade
  • F to pick up item





3. Gunslinger: Wild Western Wolf

Gunslinger Wild Western Wolf is the western shooting game in which you must join the famous cowboys of the wild wild west. The civil war still rages on in the 1861 to 1865 era and dangerous shooters such as Billy the Kid and Geronimo have met in one place with one task – to be beat you in a duel.

Join the western war and visit the areas built by the native Americans. This multiplayer shooter game allows you to fight in the war against other players as you pick your side. The native Indian Americans or the cowboys.


Play Gunslinger: Wild Western Wolf


Release Date

  • August 2018

Le Hieu developed this game.

Web browser


  • mouse = SHOOT
  • C = CROUCH
  • R = RELOAD
  • 1-4 = WEAPONS
  • L = SHOW MAP