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Kwiki Soccer

Kwiki Soccer is an exciting 2-player football game. In this fun soccer arcade game you control two players where you have to try to dribble the ball and score more goals from the opposing team.


Play Kwiki Soccer

The mechanisms of the game are not quite similar to traditional football: when you kick the ball, you jump too, so you have to time your shots perfectly to avoid giving away the ball. This game requires skill and timing that you can play with your friends for hours.



Awesome physics element which makes you kick and jump at the same time

2 player game with 2 team members

You can play in a tournament match

Each country's team use the same jersey model as the real one


Player 1 controls

S or W to make the first player jump

D or E to make the second player jump

Player 2 controls

K or < to make the first player jump

L or > to make the second player jump


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