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Kwiki Soccer

Kwiki Soccer is an exciting 2-player football game. In this fun soccer arcade game you control two players where you have to try to dribble the ball and score more goals from the opposing team.


Play Kwiki Soccer

The mechanisms of the game are not quite similar to traditional football: when you kick the ball, you jump too, so you have to time your shots perfectly to avoid giving away the ball. This game requires skill and timing that you can play with your friends for hours.



Awesome physics element which makes you kick and jump at the same time

2 player game with 2 team members

You can play in a tournament match

Each country's team use the same jersey model as the real one


Player 1 controls

S or W to make the first player jump

D or E to make the second player jump

Player 2 controls

K or < to make the first player jump

L or > to make the second player jump


Web browser

Vex 4

Vex 4 HTML5

Vex 4 is an amazing stick platformer in which you climb, jump, swim, and fly your way through 9 challenging acts. It is the sequel of Vex 3, a massive hit, and will be equally fun and challenging for players of all ages.
You are challenged once again in the world of Vex. There are many obstacles to beat, and your reflexes determine the outcome of every level. Can you beat this episode and claim the title of Vex 4 champion?


Play Vex 4

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move. Jump from side to side to climb up walls. Play new acts by standing on their act block and pressing the down arrow key. Purple blocks are weak so they will fall down if you step on them. Orange blocks are super bouncy and are great if you want to jump high into the air! The game contains many checkpoints, so you can always start from the latest one when you die.



Vex 4 is developed by Amazing Adam.


Cool physics and reflexes
9 acts to play, with the ability to play in hard mode
Challenge room that consists of 30 floors to beat
Different trophies
4th game in the series after Vex, Vex 2, and Vex 3

Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Top 3 Skill Online Friv Games for Kids

1. Helix Jump 2

Helix Jump 2 is the fun arcade game in which you must help a falling ball navigate to the bottom of a helix maze. You have control of the rotation of the helix maze so rotate it to find gaps for the ball to fall through and eventually reach the bottom of the maze.

Avoid the darker colored spots on the ledges within the maze, if the ball hits that then it will be game over and you will have to restart the level all over again. The further you progress through each level the harder it will become as the maze will increase in complexity.


Play Helix Jump 2


Release Date
August 2018


  • Challenging gameplay
  • Smooth rotatable camera view
  • Cool tower design
  • Combo points for getting through multiple floors at once

Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Hold left mouse button to rotate the camera.





2. Let’s Kill Jeff The Killer – Jeff’s Revenge

Jeff’s Revenge is the fourth instalment of the Let’s Kill Jeff series. In this fun and exciting first person shooter you can either play as Jeff or as a soldier. If you choose to play as Jeff, you must try to eliminate the 8 soldiers who are trying to catch you and escape through a portal by locating 8 different gears. Alternatively, if you play as a soldier, you must locate your 7 companions, gather your weapons and hunt Jeff down!

This game uses classic FPS controls i.e. WASD keys to move and left/right click to aim and fire. Both game modes have a fun but creepy story that will keep you gripped – play through both perspectives and see what becomes of Jeff!


Play Let’s Kill Jeff The Killer – Jeff’s Revenge


Jeff's Revenge is made by Poison Games.


  • You can play both stories
  • Dark and creepy environments
  • Scattered weapons
  • Both characters have a flashlight to light the surrounding

This game is a web browser game. We also have the Android version.


  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Left click to fire
  • Right click to aim
  • Mouse wheel to change weapon
  • R to reload
  • G to throw grenade
  • F to pick up item





3. Gunslinger: Wild Western Wolf

Gunslinger Wild Western Wolf is the western shooting game in which you must join the famous cowboys of the wild wild west. The civil war still rages on in the 1861 to 1865 era and dangerous shooters such as Billy the Kid and Geronimo have met in one place with one task – to be beat you in a duel.

Join the western war and visit the areas built by the native Americans. This multiplayer shooter game allows you to fight in the war against other players as you pick your side. The native Indian Americans or the cowboys.


Play Gunslinger: Wild Western Wolf


Release Date

  • August 2018

Le Hieu developed this game.

Web browser


  • mouse = SHOOT
  • C = CROUCH
  • R = RELOAD
  • 1-4 = WEAPONS
  • L = SHOW MAP


Play the best 4 Online Skill Games

1. Knife Hit 2

Knife Hit 2 is the second edition of the popular arcade game in which you need to throw a set number of knifes at a rotating target. Make sure that you do not hit a knife that you have already thrown otherwise it will bounce off and you will have to start all over again.

The rotating board will speed up, slow down and even change direction. This means that you must take extreme care when throwing the knife to make sure it sticks. There are cool boards to hit that change on every level and there are 16 different knife models also.


Play Knife Hit 2


Release Date

  • July 2018


  • A fun knife throwing game
  • A human on the rotating object that must not be hit
  • Collectible diamonds
  • 16 knife models to use
  • Boss levels


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)


  • Left click to throw a knife.





2. RCC Stunt Cars

RCC Stunt Cars allows you to take control in a crazy driving game in which you are able to jump behind the wheel of an RCC stunt car and perform crazy tricks. You can speed around a city with pedal to the metal whilst back flipping through the sky. There are plenty of ramps and loops for you to test your driving skills on.

You can enjoy yourself for as long as like as you race around the city, if you would like to switch it up a bit then change your vehicle with one of the awesome options available to you. For an even better experience, play with other online players.


Play RCC Stunt Cars


Release Date

  • July 2018


  • 3D multiplayer car stunt game
  • 9 cars to use, including a bus
  • Driving assistant options
  • Big outdoor area and city to explore


  • Web browser


  • Arrow keys to drive
  • Space bar to use handbrake
  • C to change camera





3. Punch Boxing Championship

Punch Boxing Championship is the immersive 3D boxing game in which you must lace up your gloves and box your way to the championship belt. You must prove that you can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. You will need to box like a champion and knock out your opponents to win each match.

There are three exciting game modes for you to play including: quick match, tournament and career mode. Plan your tactics based on your boxing style and dominate the ring. As you progress there are unlockable boxing characters to control all, with their own special traits that you can utilize.


Play Punch Boxing Championship


Release Date

  • July 2018


  • 3D professional boxing game
  • 3 game modes: quick mode, tournament, and career
  • Unlockable more boxers
  • Each boxer has a detailed strength


  • Punch Boxing Championship is a web browser game.


  • Q or A to do a cross punch
  • W or Z to do a right uppercut
  • Y to do a left uppercut
  • E to do a right hook
  • T to do a left hook
  • U to do a right overhand
  • I to do a left overhand
  • D to dodge punch
  • S to block punch





4. Rio Rex

Rio Rex is the rampaging arcade game in which you can run riot controlling a huge T-Rex! Run through the towns and settlements destroying everything in sight and causing havoc amongst the puney humans in your way. This time you are let loose in the beautiful Rio de Janiero but take a look back at the previous cities that have been destroyed at New York and Paris

It is time again to chew people, destroy cities and blow your horrifying fire breathe at everything in sight. Go cause mayhem and destruction because why not!


Play Rio Rex



  • Rio Rex was developed by GameTornado


  • Destruction game featuring a vicious T-Rex
  • The game takes place in different areas across Rio de Janeiro
  • 16 levels to play
  • The ability to blast a powerful fire breath
  • Hidden skulls to collect

This game is a web browser game. It is also available on Steam and Android.

AD or left/right arrow to move the T-Rex
W or up arrow to jump
Left click to chew
Hold left click to shoot fire breath



Play Now Top 4 Multiplayer Shooter Games

1. Strike Combat Pixel Arena 3D

Strike Combat Pixel Arena 3D is the action-packed shooter game in which you will jump into the boots of a pixel warrior. You will need to defeat all of the other players in the arena using your pixel weapons to win the game. You can play against other players from across the world in this title.

This first-person pixel shooter game will leave you at the edge of your seat as you try to beat your opponents with your tactics and warfare skills. Prove that you are the ultimate pixel warrior by being the last soldier standing.


Play Strike Combat Pixel Arena 3D



  • Nice pixel quality
  • 8 thematic maps to play with
  • 5 weapon options to use


  • This is a web browser game.


  • WASD or arrow keys to control the movement
  • Left click to shoot
  • R to reload
  • Space bar to jump
  • 123456 to switch weapons





2. Combat Reloaded

Combat Reloaded is a fun, fast paced, first person shooter multiplayer game. Choose from one of 28 well-crafted maps that range from a small castle to famous location. Choose from several different weapons and select your style of game that fits you: Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Beserker etc. and shoot it out with your enemies in an all-out battle to see who will come out on top!


Play Combat Reloaded



  • Combat Reloaded is a first person shooting game developed by NadGames.

The previous Combat games (3 and 4) used the Unity Web Player. This version (Combat Reloaded) is the first one to use WebGL. In that way, it works in all modern web browsers, without the need to download or install anything!

Game Engine

  • Unity

Release Date

  • October 2016


  • Mouse to aim and shoot
  • WASD to move around the arena
  • Spacebar to jump
  • 1-9 number keys to change weapons
  • Shift to sprint





3. Critical Strike Global Ops

Critical Strike: Global Ops is the first-person shooter game in which you are a soldier with a mission to kill all and be the last man standing. There can only be 1 player standing at the end of each game so make sure that you out smart all of the other online players with you military training.

Each game lobby can host up to 15 online players so expect mayhem and shots fired from all angles. Stay vigilant and sharpen your reflexes to come out on top. You will earn cash for each kill that you spend on improved weapons to give the edge in battle.


Play Critical Strike Global Ops


Release Date

  • July 2018


  • Play against up to 15 players
  • Cool maps that are inspired by Counter-Strike
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Different character models


  • Web browser


  • WASD to move
  • Left click to shoot
  • B to enter buy menu
  • T to chat
  • Space bar to jump
  • C to crouch
  • 123 to switch weapons





4. Masked Forces 3

Masked Forces 3 is the third edition of the popular shooting game series. Yes, the third edition is finally here and waiting for you to jump into your army boots and head to war. This game is bigger and better with more game modes, cooler graphics, and of course even more fun! There are many game modes to play and this includes the popular battle royale mode in which you are dropped onto the battlefield and last man standing wins.

Whatever your playstyle is, make sure that you utilize it and dominate the battlefield. Make sure that you master every battle and become the ultimate combat soldier!


Play Masked Forces 3



  • Fast-paced 3D first-person shooter
  • 4 game modes: deathmatch, team deathmatch, battle royale, and DOOM
  • Option to add bots in the room
  • 2 highly detailed large maps
  • Power-ups: regeneration, damage, unlimited dash, and shield
  • A level system to access 11 weapons along with their skins
  • Armor and mask customization
  • Long distance markers in deathmatch and team deathmatch mode


  • Web browser


  • WASD or arrow keys: move
  • Left shift: activate rapid dash
  • Space bar: jump
  • R: reload
  • 1, 2, and 3: change weapon
  • LMB: shoot
  • RMB: aim
  • M: map



Fireboy and Watergirl Forest Temple HTML5

Fireboy and Watergirl Forest Temple HTML5


Play Fireboy and Watergirl Forest Temple HTML5

FireBoy and WaterGirl: Forest Temple is a new installment of the fun FireBoy and WaterGirl series. In this adventure, you must take control of both elemental characters and guide them through a series of epic temple environments. This game is extremely fun and challenging as you have to control the movement of BOTH characters – you can try to do this on your own, or you can play with a friend!

Certain areas of each level can only be bypassed by one of the characters and you must flip switches and perform certain actions to allow both characters to progress. During each level, you must collect different crystals and complete the puzzles in as quick a time as possible. With a host of interesting levels, fun gameplay, and cute graphics, this game is great fun and a fantastic platform title!

Author: http://www.juegosfriv2019.link/



  • You can control both of the characters simultaneously or ask your friend to play along
  • Hazards in each map
  • Challenging puzzles to be completed


  • Use arrow keys to control fireboy
  • Use WAD to control watergirl


Wheely 8: Aliens

Wheely 8: Aliens 


Play Wheely 8: Aliens

Wheely went on a date with his girlfriend Jolie. They decided to go picnic. They had a wonderful time untill suddenly an UFO landed behind them. There were aliens inside that were lost and need help in finding their planet. Wheely sets out on his adventure to find the map to their planet.

 Author: http://www.frivonline.club/



  • The 8th episode of Wheely series
  • The main theme of this game is UFO and aliens
  • 2 hidden objects to find in each map


  • Use your mouse to interact with things such as buttons and levers to make your way to the finish line of each level.



Insane Car Crash Burnout

Insane Car Crash Burnout


Play Insane Car Crash Burnout

Insane Car Crash Burnout is a car crashing game with great graphics with crashes and destruction effects. In this game, your task is to crash as many cars as possible and earn money. This game includes many selectable cars to drive and many other things to crash eg barrel, oil tanker, bus, taxi, Prado, etc.

This is a very classic game. It has 7 amazing levels with very beautiful and realistic garage and camera effects. If you love causing destruction, then this is a game for you! 

 Author: http://www.friv2019.link/



  • 3D car driving game about crashing
  • 4 awesome cars to drive
  • Cool graphics with realistic physics
  • Mission to complete in each level



  • WASD or arrow keys to drive
  • Space bar to use handbrake



Top 3 Angry Gran Run Series Games

In this article we would like to propose you the ranking of the 3 best racing games of the most popular Angry Gran Run series in South America ( Spanish Language ). All our friv games have a very realistic 3D graphics that are free and can be played free of charge on all the latest generation devices. The games we propose are:

1. Angry Gran Run Halloween Village

Angry Gran Run Halloween Village is the new racing game of the Angry Gran Run series. In this game, our grandmother is exploring a village full of scary decorations and Halloween themed objects.

Your goal is to control the big angry grandmother along the city streets avoiding the various scattered objects. Use the A and D keys to move left and right, use the left and right arrow keys to rotate the corners and use the up and down arrows to skip and scroll. Avoid the bats and slip under ghouls ghastly. Do not forget to buy new updates using coins. Can you get to the finish line?



Use up arrow to jump
Press down arrow to slide
Use AD button to move left or right
Use left and right arrow to turn



2. Angry Gran Run: Australia

Angry grandmother came back with her new adventure. This time, he thinks he can conquer Australia and lead the chaos in the streets and through a canyon. You have to run through an endless course while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles in your way.

Avoid the dog, a barbeque in the street and many other obstacles. In this version there is also an event where you can participate in collecting unique prizes. Can you help your grandmother in the big challenge on Australia's land?


Play Angry Gran Run Australia


Up arrow to jump
Down arrow to slide
Left and right arrow to turn
AD to move left or right



3. Angry Gran Run: London

The adventure of Gran Angry continues in London. Objection is more or less the same, run for the longest possible by avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. Avoid obstacles, such as black cabs and English flags.

Collect the coins to fill the multiplier gauge. The speed increases gradually, accurately monitors your grandmother in order to reach the finish line safely. You think you can?



AD to change lanes
Down arrow to slide
Up arrow to jump


Have Fun with Angry Gran Run!


Top Html5 Shooter Games

1. Warzone Mercenaries HTML5 Game

Warzone Mercenaries is a 3D shooter HTML5 game. The aim is to undertake various battles against opponents using a number of specialized troops. Each soldier has different abilities and choice of weapons. Choose your soldier class and start individual missions.

Each mission has a different range of targets and you have to eliminate all enemy soldiers. After completing each mission you can use the coins you have earned to upgrade the statistics and the weapons of your soldiers.



L to lock your mouse
WASD or arrow keys to move
Left click or space bar to shoot
Right click or shift to zoom
R to reload
E to enter or exit vehicle


2. Super Sergeant Shooter HTML5 Game

Super Sergeant Shooter is an HTML5 shooter game where you control the sergeant of a specialized unit. You are a sergeant in charge of infiltrating an enemy organization and you must use your ability to defeat all opponents. You are armed with a gun and a knife, but you can collect more weapons from your enemies.

You only have a limited amount of armor and if you waste too much ammo you will have to restart your mission. To increase survival, you can collect armor from enemies that you kill and collect health packages.



WASD to move
Number keys to change weapon
R to reload
Left click to shoot
Space bar to jump
Shift to spring
F to pick up item


3. Combat Strike 2 HTML5 Game

Combat Strike 2 is a multiplayer online HTML5 shooter game. Your goal in this action-packed game is simple, you'll have to choose weapons, a room, a team, and start shooting your enemies behind the buildings to win the mission. Be careful not to risk being hit.



WASD move

Mouse aim / shoot

1-2 choose gun

Shift sprint

C crouch

F take gun

T chat


All of these games have been developed in HTML5 version and can be played for free on our Friv website. Enjoy!

Piggy Fight

Piggy Fight Game


Play Piggy Fight

Piggy Fight is an addictive multiplayer fighting game. Check a pig with a variety in the most bloody fighting. There are three game modes available: campaign, online and hot-seat. Campaign mode is a game of a player where you play a series of missions while online lets you fight against other online players. He remembers that there is a large variety of weapons to use for each level of play.

Shoot the red and white targets but be careful not to fall off the platform. Try to shoot the targets as fast as you can otherwise you will also be fired. In online mode you have to act quickly and avoid enemy fire, causing the most damage possible. Try to survive longer. Have fun!

Campaign controls

Arrow keys or WASD to move
C to take or drop
Space bar to attack or throw

Player 1 controls (Hot-Seat mode)

Arrow keys to move
L to attack or throw
K to take or drop

Player 2 controls (Hot-Seat mode)

WASD to move
C to take or drop
Space bar to attack or throw

Author: Pais de los Juegos Friv

Warrior vs Zombies

Warrior vs Zombies Game


Play Warrior vs Zombies

Warrior vs. Zombies is a fun first person shooter survival game. You live in a quiet village in Japan and a zombie apocalypse has broken out. You must survive using your simple knife and try to kill as many zombies as possible – the zombies come in waves. You are the only survivor as all the villagers have been turned into zombies. Move around the village, seek cover and stay alert.

Bazooka and Monster

Bazooka and Monster Game


Play Bazooka and Monster

Your main task is to destroy the enemy, just what will happen. Find a way to pass all 18 levels. In each round, you shoot out of the launcher and thanks to the reflection from the wall you have the chance to kill more opponents per shot. You will see for yourself that it will not be easy. The game features high-quality graphics, simple gameplay, and makes the game much more fun. Get a high enough score.

Zombie Derby

 Zombie Derby Game


Play Zombie Derby

Try out this great online game where you'll take control over a vehicle and will try to eliminate all of your zombie enemies. It won't be easy, so you'll have to concentrate a bit to get as far as possible. Each of the available cars can be upgraded. You have 15 different parts available for an upgrade. For instance the tires, the engine or the turbo. The game offers you five different locations.


StrainZ-1 Game


Play StrainZ-1

You find yourself in a city where there are many zombie enemies. Your main task is to destroy the zombies and get them, for example, a first aid kit. Take great care not to happen. Use all the skills to handle it and get it as close as possible. We believe you can do it and disarm everything that comes to your way. You need to get the best of yours. If you head to the head, the zombies die right away, it's only important to jump.